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Corporate culture:

The company has always actively advocate and promote the advanced management concept of "management innovation, marketing innovation, technological innovation, cultural innovation", all around the company's strategic objectives, to improve the core competitiveness and increase the effectiveness of work, constantly optimize the allocation of resources, to establish a "truth-seeking, seriously good corporate culture of cooperation and progress "people-oriented management staff to provide a career development space, for mankind to create a beautiful environment with leading edge technology.

Company philosophy:

Technology leading, quality oriented, professional and innovative, full service.


Talent is the technology is the wing, the market center, service integrity, high-quality personnel and advanced technology is the key to business success.

Company's production capacity:

Wuhan Jinyuan environmental protection and the subsidiary has its own production base. Processing strength. The workshop mainly focused on the Wu Feng industrial garden, plant as the standard steel plant, equipped with lifting equipment, and all kinds of lathes, shears, grinders, presses, bending machines, various welding, cutting equipment. Good equipment, first-class technology, improve product quality assurance system, quality and thoughtful after-sales service to provide users with research, design, production port production, installation and commissioning, testing and other train services.

Corporate partners:

The Jinyuan environmental protection based on the environmental protection industry, using its own business advantage, with the United States ERM, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan University, Wuhan Building Materials and Design Institute and the Energy Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences work closely with the introduction of digestion of advanced technology, with a number of technology patents.

Company Services:

Provide all kinds of dust, harmful gas purification, wastewater treatment, soil remediation, noise control, waste utilization, energy saving, automatic control equipment and spare parts.

Undertake a variety of environmental engineering, design, construction design, manufacture, installation and commissioning, after-sales service, technical training, turnkey one-stop service.

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