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1. Engineering services
Entrusted by the owner, in accordance with the contract, the whole process or multiple stages of contracting shall be carried out on the exploration, design, procurement, construction, trial operation (completion acceptance) of the project. As the contractor of the project construction, it is fully responsible for the construction and management of the whole process of the project construction, and transforms the original contract and responsibility relationship between the original owner and the design, construction, equipment supply and management consulting enterprises into the only one between the owner and Jinyuan Environmental Protection. Contract and responsibility relationship. Full implementation of the following:
(1) Implement or supervise the transportation, on-site movement, installation and commissioning of goods;
(2) Provide special tools and auxiliary materials required for the assembly and maintenance of the goods;
(3) Technical documents for submitting the supplied goods: catalogue, drawings, operation manual, instructions for use, maintenance manual or service guide;
(4) Training the buyer's personnel;
(5) Other additional services.
2. Operational services
Entrusting environmental protection facilities to professional operators is a business model that can create a win-win situation for governments, companies and investors. Jinyuan has advanced and comprehensive technology types, professional, mature, strong and experienced talent team, and has set up an after-sales service department to provide services for environmental protection projects of various owners, as professional management and technical services. Environmental companies can help governments and businesses to face increasingly stringent environmental requirements.
3. Equipment manufacturing and supply
Independent and independent environmental protection equipment production capacity and well-known foreign products represented by the company, while providing comprehensive equipment integration supply services, effectively guarantee Jinyuan to provide quality services for environmental protection projects of various industries, and strengthen the comprehensive competitiveness of Jinyuan. Whether it is technical problems, equipment failures, spare parts, maintenance, or system upgrades, Jinyuan can provide you with the most worry-free service guarantee.

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